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State Council Director Message:

As we continue to navigate through unprecedented times, SHRM Hawaii continues to rally together!  More than ever before, HR is front and center in strategic planning and helping to serve as conduits for communications with Management and Employees.  I’ve reached out to several SHRM Hawaii members in a talk story format and here are some of the themes they have shared…

  • HR Professionals want to share. SHRM Hawaii continues to eblast information that can assist HR Professionals through COVID-19.  Information gathering is essential to knowing what our profession is doing. 
  • Reaching out to other HR Professionals in the same boat, helps to us to keep our sanity and sense of humor. Please, if you haven’t started – give yourself some time each day to laugh, sing, meditate, pray, find joy and purpose.  We need our wellness time to rejuvenate as we continue this marathon journey.
  • We know from information already shared, the Pandemic will most likely take several months to get through. SHRM National provides templates and tools for members – the information can be helpful as companies write guidelines and policies to address COVID-19.
  • Working from home – this area is new for some companies and for others, an enhancement to remote work guidelines and procedures already in place. One of the challenges in supporting your business remotely is the lack of daily interaction with colleagues.  Courtesy of Team Builders Plus, my company has provided guidelines to Supervisors.  


Adapted from the article:  The Power of Huddles

Team Tele Huddles are short 15 to 30 minute meetings where each team member shares their number one priority of the day and important updates.


  • Keep team members informed of important information
  • Help employees remain focused and on track with deliverables
  • Allow for sharing of collective intelligence


What this time is not intended to do:

  • Solve problems (take off line and work on solutions - sharing of ideas and solutions by others once the meeting is over)



  • Creates a sense of teamwork and purpose
  • Creates a positive culture with open communication


Tele Huddle tips:

  1. Facilitator sets up via skype. It is important to have a meeting facilitator (not necessarily the team leader) that can keep the meeting on track and on time.
  2. Timing. Huddles should start and end at the same time every day and should not exceed 30 minutes. First thing in the morning often works best as it gives members a chance to share their priority for that day.
  3. Clarity. Allows team members to understand who is doing what and how it fits in with the vision of the organization. This also helps to clarify expectations of team members.
  4. Be present. It is very important for all team members to be present (either physically present or by phone). Also, encourage all team member to participate.
  5. Vision. This is a great opportunity to speak to the vision and direction of where the team is heading.

More than ever before, our CEO’s rely on HR for our subject matter expertise.  Through this Pandemic, we will help guide our companies through uncertain times – thank you for all you are doing to make a difference!

We are better together…stay safe and healthy...


Naomi Ahuna, SHRM-SCP
SHRM Hawaii State Council Director

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