Get organized and other tips for working from home

Posted on Apr. 23, 2020  /   0

Due to the CoronaVirus outbreak, Governor Ige’s stay-at-home mandate has created many challenges for Hawaii employers and workers, not the least of which is that many folks now find themselves suddenly working from home. Here’s a few tips for people who aren’t sure how to get started:

Get organized. Technology is your new best friend. Use it to organize your day, prioritize tasks, manage time, and increase collaboration with your colleagues.

Get dressed. You will be tempted to remain in your PJs or underwear, not comb your hair or forget to brush your teeth. Ick. Put a mirror on your desk and keep yourself looking good enough to take a video call from the boss.

Get away from the refrigerator. Working from home will make it easier to pack on unwanted pounds, especially if you’ve stocked up on your favorite comfort food to get through the COVID-19 outbreak. It’s super easy to eat an entire family-sized bag of potato chips if you leave it laying on your desk all day. Set up your workstation as far away from the kitchen as possible.

Get a door. Use it. A door will help minimize distractions and keep you focused on the job. Be sure to keep your family members on the other side of the door. If they knock, tell them to go away – preferably without opening the door.

Get up. Working from home may keep you hunkered over the PC for longer hours than usual. Stand periodically and clasp your hands behind your back, palms together, arms extended, and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Or better yet, crank up your favorite tune and bust a move (also preferably without opening the door).

Get out. It’s okay to open the door once in a while throughout the day. Social distancing doesn’t mean you can’t go outside for some fresh air or spend time with your family or the dog. See tip number one about getting organized.

Get help. Talk to your colleagues, vendor partners, customers and others in your professional network to share ideas about working from home. Check out Succeeding From Home: Here’s exactly how to thrive as a remote worker in the days of CoronaVirus posted on the SmartSearch Thought Leadership page for more info and links on how to stay productive based on insights from CEOs, freelancers and experts who have done it.

Perhaps most importantly, give yourself time to acclimate to the change of work environment and adjust to a new routine. Once you get organized, your tasks and projects will begin to fall in place and make the transition easier.

BYLINE UPDATE: Sylvia Dahlby is an early adopter of working from home, and Rainmaker at SmartSearch applicant tracking software. Sylvia is a volunteer with the SHRM Hawaii Educational Foundation Hawaii District. This article was excerpted from her latest blog post where you can find more don’t and don’ts for successfully working from home.

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