SHRM Emerging Professionals Launch 4th Annual Mentorship Program – Apply Now!

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By: Xylia Lydgate, SHRM-CP, HR & Recruiting Specialist

We officially launched SHRM Hawaii’s Cohort 4, emerging professionals’ mentorship program on Monday, March 2nd, 2020. Applications will be accepted by [email protected]. We are encouraging all HR professionals from emerging leaders to executive level management to apply as a mentor or mentee for this year’s program. We asked SHRM Hawaii’s Board of Executives to share their experiences with mentorship and how they encourage their employees to get involved.

Lisa Kracher, President and CEO at Staffing Solutions of Hawaii, says that it is imperative for HR executives and managers to bridge the gap between seasoned professionals and rising leaders. She emphasizes, “level up on your HR knowledge, leadership, business, intrapersonal and interpersonal skills! SHRM EP will give you the experience to use your talents and challenge you in areas that will build your confidence and set you up for career success.”

Alan Tang, Founder and CEO at Olomana Loomis ISC, shares his words of wisdom, “regardless if you are two years or 20 years into your career, being involved in a mentorship program is a good thing. As a young professional, the insights and wisdom forged from experience helped expedite my growth. More importantly, it shaped my business acumen and judgement, which was invaluable as I grew into leadership. Now, as a mentor to students and young professionals, I gain insights to new tools and priorities of the future generation. Get involved. Make the time. It’s good for you.”

Kracher shares a few tips on how to coach and motivate leaders within your organization to join the program.

  1. First and foremost, take the time to step back and evaluate your own involvement.

Yes, even C-Suite executives and managers should invest in professional development programs. Are you a member of SHRM Hawaii? Will you apply to become a Mentor?

This program is a unique opportunity for professional development outside of work and to show support, our management will allow paid time away from the office to attend meetings and events. This benefits both the employee and employer. The employee builds professional development outside of the office and gains diverse learning experiences. The employer is investing in a well-rounded employee who will apply their learning outcomes to the entire organization. 

  1. Take time to research. Before introducing your employees to the program, review SHRM Emerging Professionals’ mission, vision, and past cohorts. Provide names, titles and industries of past participants. This approach will help the program to appear relatable, and in turn more attractive to join.
  2. The SHRM EP Mentorship program is free to join for both Mentors and Mentees.

Most leaders are interested in joining professional programs but are often turned off by cost. Consider making a time investment towards the next generation of HR professionals. Apply today, and get involved in mentorship.

How to apply:

Email for applications or more information.


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