SHRM EP Mentorship Program Cohort 4 - Applications Extended!

Posted on Apr. 24, 2020  /  Emerging Professionals  /   0

Guidance, connection, and growth.  Three of the many benefits when you become a part of SHRM Hawaii Emerging Professionals’ mentorship program.  You will be able to connect with an experienced HR professional outside your office walls who can be a sounding board for advice, professional challenges and provide a different perspective. Mentors can share their experiences with you, provide insight and developmental feedback.  In the world of Human Resources, we are consistently navigating new situations and responding (sometimes reacting!) to the best of our abilities. Having a mentor now more than ever can prove to be beneficial to your professional and personal growth.  

This season’s cohort will have a new format - we are going virtual!  By using a different platform to connect we can adjust and elevate our skills. The application period has been extended to provide more emerging HR professionals with the opportunity to participate. Previous mentees share their reasons for joining and how the program helped them drive their development: 

"This program challenged my mentor and I to think about what we wanted to learn from each other.  It gave me new perspectives on the HR profession and how to approach and plan for my future goals and aspirations.  To hear that other HR professionals have been through the same career challenges was relieving. Being able to learn through my mentors' experiences and how she handled them gave me a new way to approach my own challenges and how to better prepare for future ones.” Previous Mentee Cohort 2 

“As soon as I saw the advertisement for this program, I knew I wanted to be a part of it! Meeting my mentor gave me the opportunity to always have someone to reach out to with questions, concerns or advice. There were so many things I wanted to learn, and I was always excited to hear my mentor's insight. It’s a different experience when you are able to connect with a mentor.  They are there to help you navigate through tough conversations and guide your development.”  

Previous Mentee Cohort 3  

Although we don’t start our positions knowing all of the answers, we do learn through what we experience.  No day or situation is the same. Having a mentor to share thoughts and ideas with helps as you process the evolving changes around us, especially if you are early in your career. Someone you can trust will have your best interests at heart. 


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