Emerging Professionals Committee Update

Posted on Jul. 7, 2020  /  Emerging Professionals  /   0

The SHRM Hawaii Emerging Professionals Committee has been closely monitoring the impact of COVID-19 on our activities. With this new challenge, our committee has had to adapt and regroup to figure out what are the best ways to reach out to emerging professionals and how to proceed forward.  The continuation of our monthly committee meetings have been a great support in bringing our thoughts together. 


Moving forward the SHRM Hawaii EP committee had its first learning program event this year as a webinar.  The topic was, How to Keep Your Career on Track and was held on May 28th.  This was a new way of putting on a learning event for us and it was a great turnout!  We had over 40 attendees and moved forward with a webinar format.  We were so lucky to have Charletta Wilson and Sarah Guay as our speakers who provided their experiences and helpful tips that we believe benefited everyone who attended. 


We also started our fourth Mentorship Program (Cohort IV).  It officially began in late June with a program that will continue for 6 months.  As we worked to revamp our program to be flexible with the current times, we made adjustments to go virtual.  Since we were unable to hold our initial kickoff event to meet the pairings, our committee put together a welcome video to share with the mentors and mentees.  In addition, we have coordinated virtual meetings between our facilitators and pairings to help guide them through this process.  Although it is a smaller group this year of 6 pairings, we really appreciate those who have decided to participate in our program and hope that they will be able to build a productive relationship! 


Overall, our committee has continued to push forward and will continue to adapt to the current situations that we live in!   



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