Leading with Compassion

Posted on Aug. 25, 2020  /  President's Messsage  /   0


We are arriving at the six-month marker of Covid 19 we all have experienced the shattering of our lives. Many believed in March that this pandemic would be difficult but we will be able to control the crisis and in a short time we would be back to normal. Furloughs and food shortages put a strain on everyone, yet we remained hopeful this will come to pass shortly. As the curve flattened and infection counts fell to single digits, we were eagerly poised for the comeback. Then as restrictions were lifted, there was a sigh of relieve, then the floor fell and case numbers dramatically climbed and death tolls rose to alarming rates. As government officials grapple with what to do next, some in the community are losing confidence in what is the right thing to do for themselves and their family. The scenario I have outlined is nothing you already do not know. With so many employees working from home, disconnected from in-person human contact it easy for them to feel abandoned and they may withdraw or form silos as the uncertain atmosphere persists. I point this out because for so many emerging HR professionals and even some seasoned professionals this is the first real recession you are experiencing. And this one is the granddaddy of recessions. I personally have experienced seven major recessions, each one had its ups and down cycle each one whip sawing employees back and forth as situations changed. We are now at a point where HR leadership must show the way, leadership not in the sense of providing direction, leadership by providing empathy and understanding to those who you lead and work with. HR is the source of all things human in an organization and now is the time to exercise our human skills, often referred to as soft skills. Compassion, empathy, transparency and honesty are what people at all levels are seeking to feel confident that one day soon we will be back to normal. I have added a link (click here) to a SHRM article which provides insight into leadership and soft skills. 

Mahalo, and stay safe

Faustino Dagdag



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