Emerging Professionals: How Companies are Re-Opening

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By: Jenna Lam with Adrienne Huang, YeeYeng Lim, , and Scott Nguyen

 “During this uncertain time, our HR leaders are very supportive of us working from home. Queen's are letting employees work from home by providing remote workers equipment that they need in order to work from home. An example of that is our director of the Benefits & Compensation ordered each of us an extra monitor that we can use, so that we have dual monitors while working from home. However, some parts of our HR department also have employees on a rotation schedule for when they go into the office and when they are working from home. This rotation can help social distancing between employees and give everyone a fair chance to work from home.”

  • YeeYeng Lim, Benefits Analyst, Queen’s Health Systems


 “During these challenging times, Hawaii Pacific University has remained resilient, unified, and committed to the health, safety, and well-being of the HPU 'ohana.  The initial return-to-work phase was successful for employees to return safely into the office and other spaces in mid-May and the beginning of June, to prepare for the reopening of an in-person, on-campus Fall 2020 semester experience, in accordance with HPU’s safety and health policy; comprehensive social distancing and face covering requirements; and modified on-campus/telework scheduling for employees authorized by supervisors.  All HPU employees who return to work on campus must, each day, complete a COVID-19 Daily Symptom Monitoring Questionnaire before reporting to work.  


Additional on-campus safety and health protocol implementations includes, educational safety and health posters visible at every building entrance, along with enhanced hand sanitizing stations.  HPU is planning to move forward with diagnostic testing of designated front-facing faculty and staff.  Asymptomatic testing will also be available for other faculty and staff who wish to participate, as well as, testing all residential students and will perform pooled testing for the remaining students.  HPU will also commence daily temperature screening for employees designated as medium OSHA-risk or higher, and visitors, at the start of the academic year.  Furthermore, HPU is moving forward with an abundance of safety and health measures, layered upon other University policies and protocols to help establish a social distancing environment in which entire teams of the University can safely and effectively function on-campus, and maintain the health and safety of our HPU 'ohana and local community.”


  • Adrienne Huang, Human Resources Specialist, Hawaii Pacific University


“As a company that houses healthcare professionals and special populations, we took extreme care and precaution in order to prevent any outbreaks. It started with masks and temperature checks, but we eventually added face shields and other specialized personal protective equipment and procedures. 


We've also had a mandatory nasal swabbing for our 500+ employees, which resulted in all negative. This gave not only our employees, but also our clients and community the sense of relief that the professionals serving them were safe and healthy to serve.”


  • Scott Nguyen, Wellness Supervisor, Arcadia


“Although we have not transitioned back to work in the office, we hold monthly Zoom meetings to discuss when and how we will be returning back to work.  Since we are set up in cubicles and are not the recommended 6ft apart, our thoughts have been to stagger a work schedule for every other cubicle to come in at a time.  For now, because we have been able to work well remotely, our office has decided that we will continue to remain working from home until further notice.  During this time our office will be further developing procedures that would best protect our employees as well as the community.”

  • Jenna Lam, Human Resources Specialist, University of Hawaii Office of Human Resources

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