How are your employees doing? 

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How are your employees doing? 


The pandemic began more than six months ago and has affected everyone across our state. As government officials plan for reopening of businesses and activities, people have been on edge with how it will affect their life. Some employees have become a teacher at home to their child, some have spouses that are unemployed, or elder parents that are high risk. The pandemic has been not been easy for anyone. It has not been easy for our families, our friends, our jobs, or our companies. So how do we know how our employees are doing? How do we find out?


Just ask! Ask them how they are doing. Ask them what they have been worried about. Ask them what keeps them up at night. Ask them how you can help. Ask them how happy they are at work.


A simple way is to have one-to-one meetings between supervisor or manager with the employee. When supervisors or managers genuinely care and ask about their employee's wellbeing, the truth will be shared. It won't always work on the first meeting but keep asking. Some managers might fear that asking means they will learn too much about an employee or that it is too personal. Remember that asking does not mean you'll solve their worries or problems. Asking "how are you doing" is simply showing that you care and that you're here and listening. Employees aren't always looking for solutions or suggestions. As people, we can all appreciate the care and being heard.


Another cost-effective way to ask is through an employee survey. Surveys are sometimes viewed as costly or time consuming. Technology has come a long way. We can now use built in and free options such as Google Forms or Microsoft Forms. These platforms are built in with your company's applications and take just a few minutes to set up. Affordable paid services include Survey Monkey or Qualtrics where built in templates make it easy to customize. Sure, these surveys may not be scientifically approved but it doesn't mean they aren't the truth. For example, when employees are asked, "On a scale of one to five stars, how happy are you at work." Their answer is 4 out of 5 stars. That is real. 


At Y. Hata, we recently decided to take a pulse by sending out a 10-question survey. The results gave clarity to our employee engagement activities, both normal activities and new ones to implement. We know what is valued and we will be taking the feedback to help shape the pandemic year ahead. In fact, we hope to do a few more short surveys this year to take a pulse to see how employees are doing.


It is more important now than ever to get out and find out. In order to survive especially during the most crucial time in history, we need our people. All you have to do is ask!


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