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In these times where COVID-19 commands the center stage for health, economy, our
family, and personal lives, finding a reason to celebrate has become hard to find and too
far apart. Our profession as human resource professionals have been tested,
challenged and at times battered and yet we continue to stand as the pillars of
leadership in organizations throughout Hawai`i. Among all that is occurring, HR
professionals statewide gathered for a day to celebrate. On October 2nd we gathered
at the SHRM Hawai`i annual conference. The 2020 conference themed “Inside Out
Leadership” was totally virtual yet the excitement, enthusiasm, and comradery were
present as if we were all live at the convention center.

This spectacular event could not have happened without the hard work and passion
of the SHRM Hawai`i conference committee members. Exceptional planning and
execution to coordinate each minute aspect of the conference resulted in this year’s
virtual experience easily being a highlight of a challenging year for our profession.
Thank you to all our SHRM Hawai`i volunteers. Thank you to all our sponsors, Thank
you to each of our break out session expert presenters. Thank you to MC Brook Lee,
thank you to keynote speaker Robb Holman and a special thank you to Johnny C.
Taylor, President, and CEO of SHRM for his inspiring insights.

Thank you to our outgoing SHRM Hawai`i board members who have worked diligently on
your behalf this year. Congratulations to our new 2021 board members who certainly
will be guiding our profession into higher levels of achievements.
With humility and gratefulness, I’d like to thank you our SHRM Hawai`i members on
behalf of myself and our board of directors for coming together to learn, share and
celebrate the profession of Human Resource Management, without you, there would be
no celebration.

Hopefully next year we can gather in person, until then please take care, stay safe,
wear your mask, wash your hands, stay six feet away and be sure to wear that “Aloha”



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