Better Together, Isn't that the Truth?

Posted on Dec. 18, 2020  /  President's Messsage  /   0

As we anxiously prepare to close 2020 and launch into 2021, don’t be in a hurry to forget this year. I want you to think back to December 30 of 2019, the last workday for the year. Try to recall what you thought 2020 was going to be like as you left work that day. Certainly, none of us could have predicted our experiences this year. We at SHRM Hawaii were poised to launch our theme for 2020, “Better Together”, we did not have a clue that this theme would have the impact that it would due to the not yet known COVID-19. The theme was meant to foster collaboration and communication within the HR community. What has resulted is “Better Together” has come to exemplify our mutual commitment to support each other in ways we would have never thought possible.

As the lockdowns became evident and offices became bare, we learned to continue to function through communication platforms such as ZOOM. We morphed from in-person interaction to interacting on a two-dimensional screen. We lost the personal exchanges of daily work life. Yet with each passing “stay-at-home day,” we became more concerned for our coworkers and community. We worked much longer hours, we organized as well as volunteered our services to food drives, fundraising, community service events more than ever before as our companies and communities struggled. We adapted, stretched, and strengthened to provide for others. It became apparent the farther we were physically the closer we become emotionally. We have demonstrated we are “Better Together” not as a theme but as a belief in ourselves to be able to accomplish achievements not imagined possible on December 30, 2019.

With the arrival of the vaccine comes hope and with hope comes new visions of what 2021 will hold for us all. Certainly, it will be much better than in 2020. The HR community of professionals has been at the center of our state's ability to move forward economically, our guidance is the “Voice of All Things Work”, our work is and will always be “Better Together”.

The SHRM Hawaii Board of Directors along with myself wishes you and your family a Wonderful Holiday Season and a Happy New Year, may good fortunes follow you always.


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