2021 Hawaii Legislative Session – Let’s Advocate Together!

Posted on Jan. 25, 2021  /   0

SHRM Hawaii is proud to partner with the Chamber of Commerce Hawaii to join collective voices on issues that impact our membership. Last week was a busy week! Our nation welcomed the 46th President and his administration. The State of Hawaii also opened the 2021 legislative session, our lawmakers, and legislative affairs committee is eager to tackle the many pressing issues and priorities we are facing in 2021.  

The Chamber of Commerce Hawaii hosted a free webinar - “From Hawaii to the Hill: Legislative and Policy Outlook”, as part of Chamber Week 2021. For those who were not able to attend, here are some of the top priorities for 2021 our lawmakers this session:

  • Budget impacts of COVID-19;
  • Looming increases in the unemployment tax rate for that will heavily impact employers;
  • Potential tax increases and minimum wage increases.

This legislative session will be extremely important for employers as the discussions will have a great impact on the workforce. SHRM Hawaii will be keeping up with all employment/employer related legislation this session.  

You can also get involved by sharing testimony. Due to COVID restrictions, the State Capitol remains closed which means that all testimony will be remote via Zoom.  

This remote format will be a good thing in that it will allow more of our members who might not otherwise be able to testify in person, to make their voices heard!

In addition to in-person testimony, we can all get in involved will letter our state leaders know that we need them to take action and provide much-needed relief to employers who have fought to keep their employees working during the pandemic but will soon be facing significant and likely insurmountable unemployment tax increases. Attached is a sample letter that you can use to draft a letter to your representatives urging them to take action and to support unemployment tax relief efforts currently being worked on by the Governor’s Office, the State of Hawaii Department of Labor and Industrial Relations, SHRM Hawaii, and others. Join your voice with theirs and let our lawmakers know that we all have a responsibility to protect and support the small businesses and employers who have worked hard to keep our economy alive and viable despite the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

To learn more about the Hawaii State Legislature and to find out more about how you can be an advocate, visit the Hawaii State Legislature website at The website has all the information you need to keep up with the legislative calendar, active bills, and how to submit written or remote testimony via Zoom.

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