Emerging Professionals in 2021

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It has been a year since COVID-19 changed our lives both personally and professionally. During the past year, our SHRM Emerging Professionals Committee has adapted and continued to plan meaningful activities. We recently held a strategic meeting to review the committee’s mission, goals, business model, and succession planning.

Our committee is in the planning stages for the current year. We are working on arranging 3-4 learning programs, re-connecting with the SHRM Aloha Chapter, connecting with new members, and beginning the recruitment for our Mentorship Program (Cohort V). Additionally, we concluded our Mentorship Cohort IV Program with a certificate of completion for both mentors and mentees who participated. We wanted to show our appreciation to the participates while also providing them with a certificate on record to showcase their achievement.  

Recruitment for our Mentorship Program (Cohort V) will officially begin towards the end of this month with a program running from June 2021 through November 2021 (6 months). As we continue to keep our program flexible, we allow our pairings to meet virtually and/or in person. This year we are also planning to have a mentorship informational session for those who may want to hear more about our program and also hear from a mentor and mentee who have participated in our previous cohorts. We hope that this new informational session will help inform others about who we are and what we are trying to accomplish with our mentorship program.

The SHRM Emerging Professionals committee is looking forward to another fulfilling year of exciting activities for our SHRM Hawaii members!

SHRM Emerging Professionals Co-Chair,
Jenna Lam

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