President's Message: SHRM Hawaii and the Educational Foundation

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In keeping with our 2020 theme of “Better Together” I would like to share with you an outstanding group of SHRM Hawaii volunteers who function as the “SHRM Hawaii Educational Foundation”.  The Foundation’s singular goal is to provide our members the very best educational programs to keep the abreast of the latest issues in Human Resource Management as well as provide top quality professional development programs to grow their body of knowledge and skill level in our profession.  Over the years countless numbers of members and non-members have attended one or more of these outstanding educational programs.  We are grateful to those members who regularly attend and support these programs.  Every year these excellent presentations are enjoyed by the attendees, little knowing how these sessions came into existence.  I would like to expose the secret of how these presentations are fashioned.  The real secret is, the very hard work by the Educational Foundation volunteers, each session is meticulously planned months in advance, starting with searching for the perfect topics for the meeting, focusing on the current trend or HR need, next is finding the subject matter experts to speak at the session, additionally other tasks include  securing the venue, planning menus, developing marketing and promotional activities to invite the community to the event, set up the venue prior to the session and clean up after the session.  All of these activities require strong planning and collaborative efforts by the volunteers.  All this work is done with great care and passion.  Once the session is over, the process starts all over again for the next event.   My description of their efforts is overly simplified, the real work is much more complex however a dose of fun is always added to the mix.   

The Educational Foundation organizational structure was designed to insure each of the islands can focus on the needs of the members on their island as to customize the educational offering to meet those unique needs of each island.   To accomplish this the Educational Foundation consists of four educational districts.  The districts are Oahu, Maui, Hawai`i and Kauai.  Each district is led by a district representative who guides the districts operations and activities.  Collectively the district representatives comprise the Educational Foundation Board, led by EF President Bill Brown on the Island of Hawaii.  

Bill explains his vision for Hawaii Island as: “Our vision is to provide excellent learning and professional development opportunities to the SHRM Hawaii members who reside and work on the Big Island of Hawaii.”  His goal for 2020 is “Using all means available to us, communicate with our SHRM Hawaii members about opportunities for learning and development and to network with other HR professionals.”  Bill leads of team of three hard working volunteers.  He would like to add to his team.  If you would like to join the team, please call Bill at:  808-881-3514.

The Maui district is led by longtime volunteer Juli Patao, who is a well-known faculty member of Maui College and a tireless advocate and participant in the workforce development arena on Maui.   Juli shared her immediate goals as:  “We will be working on "OUTREACH" --- hoping to partner and join with our Business and Hospitality Club at UHMC called BLT (Business Leadership Training) . . .  Hoping to share and infuse HR into our Business and Hospitality programs and students to learn about HR being an important role in all entities.”  Clearly Juli is focusing on instilling Human Resources as a core competency into college students who will shortly be running organizations.    Juli also shared the Maui district’s 2020 programs and activities.  To see those offering please go to the SHRM Hawaii website and open the “Events & Programs” drop down box.  If you’d like to join Juli’s district team, contact Juli at: 808-984-3348

Jeannine C. Marin is the Kauai District Representative.  Barely sixty days into her new volunteer role, she is still learning the districts’ operations and needs.  She has enthusiastically immersed herself into developing her Kauai team and exploring programs to offer.  She is committed to executing the Kauai District five goals which are:

  1. Increase awareness of our organization and its contribution within the community.

  2. Promote educational activities in and for the profession.

  3. Support our School-to-Work and College Relations efforts and initiatives.

  4. Provide information access and resources - for issues, strategies, and best practices in the employment arena.

  5. Assist our members in their professional development.

If you would like to join Jeanine’s team please call her at: 808-742-1424

The very active Oahu District is led by Erinn Tomlinson.  The Oahu EF serves the largest portion of the Hawaii SHRM membership.  Erinn and her team are always in the middle of the fast-moving HR environment on Oahu.  Just by the sheer number and varying sizes, not to mention complexity of the industries and companies found on the island, the Oahu District volunteers must have their ears to the ground, and be ready to be nimble and agile to capture the latest issues and events that affect the HR profession.  Once the issue is recognized they plan and present a timely program to address those issues.  A prime example of their action oriented characteristic was their recent program “Coronavirus & Possible Impact on the Work Place, Be Proactive”.  It was a very well-attended program that was spotlighting a highly significant issue that is rapidly evolving nearly on a daily basis.  Erinn’s team quickly grasped the importance of the issue and was able to prepare a presentation featuring experts on the topic in a little over two weeks.  This event exemplifies the focus and agility that punctuates the Oahu District.   Sadly, the Coronavirus presentation held at the Plaza Club was one of the final presentations there.  The Plaza Club, a long time hub of the Oahu EF programs, is closing permanently.  Erinn’s team is diligently searching for a new venue to deliver their next program “FEED YOUR HR TOOLKIT: FEDERAL AGENCY UPDATES”.  Be on the look out for the invitation to this event.   If you would like to join Erinn’s team please call her at: 808 839-2200.

Hopefully this brief introduction to our Educational Foundation helps to pique your interest in attending future events offered by each of the island districts.  As you can see SHRM Hawaii and the Educational Foundation are living our theme of “Better Together”.


Faustino Dagdag

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