SHRM Hawaii has several standing committees. The committees and their functions are as follows:

Certification Committee

The Certification Committee works to provide opportunities for new and continuing HR practitioners to expand their professional growth based on the SHRM Body of Competency and KnowledgeTM.  This committee coordinates the HR Basics class, subsequent two-part HR Essentials class, and the spring/fall SHRM Certification course.  HR Essentials and SHRM Certification courses are certificate programs in partnership with the University of Hawai‘i Outreach Program. 

Government & Legislative Affairs

The Government & Legislative Affairs Committee is responsible for monitoring and evaluating pending legislative, regulatory and legal actions at the federal, state and local levels. The Committee presents reports and regular updates to the State Chapter Board of Directors and Chapter members on developments affecting the human resources management, and works closely with the Chapter’s lobbyist to inform elected and/or government officials of SHRM’s position on the issues.

Communications / MARKETING

The Communications & Marketing Committee is responsible for providing timely and comprehensive information to members about programs, workshops, and other matters of interest via State Chapter publications.

Executive Professionals

The Executive Professionals (XP) committee seeks to engage senior HR professionals at the VP and CHRO level, providing an opportunity for these executives to meet, discuss, and share challenges unique to C-Suite.  Additionally the XP committee works closely with the Conference Committee in developing the exclusive Executive Track breakout session at the annual State Conference.  


The Membership Committee is responsible for soliciting and processing membership applications and renewals for the State Chapter. The Committee also maintains membership information and coordinates publication of the annual Membership Roster.

State Conference

The State Conference Committee oversees the preparation and execution of SHRM Hawaii’s Annual State Conference and exhibition.

Workforce Development

The overall goal of SHRM Hawaii’s Workforce Development committee is to identify strategic industry and community partnerships that in some way impact the continued effectiveness of our State’s current and future workforce. Human Resources professionals play a critical role in this focus.

With that, developing HR professionals and elevating the status of HR within their organizations is in everything we do.  Developing the HR profession that is recognized as a credible resource by the community at large is critical to develop.

The committee currently supports:

  1. Workplace Excellence Survey partnership with the Metrus Group
  2. When Work Works – a workplace flexibility award program
  3. Junior Achievement Hawaii partnership – facilitating career readiness programs at the high school level
  4. Beginning stages of creating an HR Fellows program
  5. Participation in various forums with State and City entities such as Connect to Careers (C2C), having a seat at the State Workforce Development Council, etc.

Foundation & Research Committee 

The Foundation & Research Committee is responsible for developing systems to gather, organize, and distribute information on human resource issues to State Chapter members. 

EMERGING Professionals

SHRM Hawaii initiated an Energing Professional (EP) committee to mirror SHRM National’s program that provides opportunities and builds community for the next generation of HR leadership.  EP focuses on HR professionals in the early stages of their career (1-3 years’ experience) and the objectives are to provide assistance in regards to career growth, strengthen relationships between executives and EPs through a mentorship program and create an opportunity for EPs to gather and discuss successes and challenges in their roles.

Compliance & Nomination Committee

The Compliance & Nomination Committee is responsible for ensuring that SHRM Hawaii and its Educational Foundations comply with applicable statutes, regulations, generally accepted accounting standards, and prudent business practices.  They also are tasked with conducting nominations and elections in accordance with SHRM Hawaii bylaws and approved policies.

They will: 

  • Annually submit, to the SHRM Hawaii Chapter, nominations for existing Board of Directors positions; and

  • Annually recommend, to the SHRM Hawaii Board of Directors, nominations for the Executive Committee of the Board of Directors (State Council Director, President, Vice President-ATP, Vice President-STP, Secretary, and Treasurer).

This Committee is comprised of three members: a past president selected by the executive committee, the current president if he/she is outgoing (e.g. not intending to seek election in the following year) or, if not, then another SHRM Hawaii outgoing board members and the then-serving Compliance Chair, plus the executive director in an advisory capacity.  The Board may, upon recommendation by the Committee or upon its own initiative, increase the size of the Committee or remove any member of theCommittee at any time with or without cause.  

The C&N Committee will meet at least two times annually, or more frequently as circumstances dictate.  The Committee will operate in compliance with the SHRMHawaii Bylaws.  In making nominations, the Committee will seek to ensure overall diversity of representatives on the Board of Directors.  The Committee will consult with theBoard Executive Committee to address and identify, as applicable, issues such as strategic priorities, needed expertise, and nominee background, leadership skills, willingness to participate actively, and inter- and intra-organizational relationships.

The C&N Committee will provide periodic reports to include:

  • 60 days prior to the Annual Meeting Notice:  The  Committee will have identified potential Board candidates and report on progress to the Board Executive Committee;

  • 45 days prior to the Annual Meeting Notice:  The Committee will have  reviewed the qualifications and contacted as deemed necessary all potential new and returning Board candidates, and report on progress to the Board Executive Committee;

  • 30 days prior to the Annual Meeting Notice:  The Committee will present to the Board a proposed slate of nominations for existing Board of Director positions;

  • 15 days after the Annual Meeting: The Committee will present to the Board recommendations of committee assignments and Executive Committee positions. 

Educational Foundation Committees

The Educational Foundation Districts also have standing committees, although not all committees are active in each foundation. The Foundation committees may include:


Responsible for coordinating and facilitating seminars, conferences, and other training programs on human resource management topics for SHRM Hawaii members, businesses, and others interested in the field.

Professional Development

Provides seminars and workshops to enable SHRM Hawaii members and others to obtain various professional certifications in the field of human resource management.

College Relations

Responsible for managing scholarship programs, internship programs, and college outreach efforts.


Monitors and evaluates activities concerning school-to-work issues and coordinates the Educational Foundation’s involvement in such activities.

SHRM Hawaii and the Educational Foundations may also create ad hoc committees to address special issues or activities that arise from time to time.

Members are encouraged to become involved in the work of the Standing Committees. It’s a wonderful way to network with other human resource professionals, learn something new, exchange best practices, and/or "make a difference.”