Educational Foundation

The SHRM Hawai‘i Educational Foundation is the charitable arm of SHRM Hawai‘i.  As a 501(c)3, the Educational Foundation works across the island districts to provide educational and scholarship opportunities to SHRM Hawai‘i members. The four Foundation Districts – Hawai‘i Island, Kauai, Maui, and Oahu, each have a District Representative and standing committees to help achieve these goals. 


The SHRM Hawaii Educational Foundation's Bylaws can be viewed here.

Hawaii Island District

Aloha and Welcome to the Hawaii Island District.  We invite you to attend our quarterly learning events usually scheduled in February, April, August and November.  Our lively, interactive workshops provide training material and expert advice to help Human Resources professionals, local employers and business owners develop best practices on a variety of topics from Diversity & Inclusion and Talent Acquisition Strategies to Managing Organizational Risk.

If you would like more information on joining SHRM or are interested in helping us grow the Hawaii Island District, please email at [email protected] 

Call for Volunteers

The Hawaii Island District is looking for members who would like to organize one or more networking events, meet-ups or mixers in between our quarterly programs in March, May, June, July, September, October and December (holiday party).  Events can take place in Hilo, Kailua-Kona, Waikoloa or Waimea locations and would serve as an opportunity for HR professionals to get together in an informal setting to share ideas, network with other members and perspective members, and talk story about Hawaii Island employment industry issues.  Volunteers would be responsible for venue selection and event coordination only; the Program Committee will provide logistical and promotional support. 

Maui District

Aloha E Komo Mai. Welcome to the Maui District. We provide education to HR professionals spread across a variety of industries unique to our Valley Island.

SHRM Hawaii membership provides the opportunity to engage with peers, participate in professional development opportunities, and to obtain timely and relevant information. This equips our HR professionals with the ability to navigate the complex and ever changing world of Human Resource Management, while ensuring that Federal, State and Maui County business requirements are met.

Prior to the pandemic, the Maui District hosted and collaborated with other organizations to provide approximately 6-8 in-person interactive quality programs annually to support our SHRM Hawaii professionals living on Maui. Since the pandemic started, with safety in mind, the Maui District has evolved to providing relevant information virtually, by partnering with our neighbor island districts to leverage and share experts in their fields with the latest information and resources on critical topics.

The Maui District remains committed to serving our local members with resources and support. We recently reached out to current and past members to understand current needs and obtain feedback. If you have any suggestions or need assistance please contact: [email protected]

Current Goals for Maui District:
• Continue providing relevant resources/programs for the Maui District by alignment of program offerings with all of SHRM Hawaii and SHRM National. Continue to provide the Maui community with:
  i. Educational resources
  ii. Professional/career development opportunities
  iii. Resource for HR professionals
• Increase Maui Community awareness of SHRM and SHRM Hawaii resources within the district which will then,
• Grow the community of SHRM Hawaii members living on Maui, and National SHRM membership post pandemic.

Our Maui District Core Values on How We Will Work to Accomplish Our Goals:
● Pono - We will do things, for the right reason even when no one is looking
● Malama – we will take care, help, kokua, with deep anticipation of knowing what to or how to help without being asked.
● Kuleana – with responsibility and accountability.
● Po`okela - striving to perform with excellence – we will do our best and to constantly seek improvement.

Call for Volunteers:
The Maui District is looking for volunteers to provide collaborative efforts and assist with providing fellow SHRM Hawaii members with information and support through presentations and other formats. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact: [email protected]


Oahu District

Welcome to the Oahu District.  Known as the "Gathering Place", the Oahu District serves the largest portion of the members in Hawaii.

With the 2004 merger of all island chapters, the Oahu District has had the opportunity to partner and network with the other distiricts on Hawaii Island, Kauai and Maui and to share resources and coordinate activities.

The SHRM Educational Foundation represent the charitable non-profit arm of SHRM and are responsible for:

  • Facilitating the continuing education of human resource professionals and

  • Providing opportunities for cooperative relationships and exchange of information and ideas among members.

Our focus is to Serve the Professional and to Advance the Profession. The committees within the SHRM Educational Foundation provide wonderful volunteer opportunities for each of you to enhance your knowledge, network with other HR professionals, and to extend educational services to other SHRM members, or to students from elementary to the college level. We invite and welcome you to get involved with one of the following committees:

  • PROGRAM COMMITTEE: This committee coordinates topics and speakers for monthly programs offered to all SHRM members and prospective members. The goals for the monthly program topics are to present new and cutting edge issues, deliver presentations on new or existing employment laws, sharing of resources, best practices in HR as well as reinforcement of some of the HR basics. Our programs are normally scheduled for the third Wednesday of each month and notices are e-mailed to members. Please check the SHRM Hawaii website at for future programs or watch for the monthly program notices sent by an "e-mail blast”.

  • COLLEGE RELATIONS COMMITTEE: This committee works with the student chapter of the University of Hawaii, and other local colleges to educate and encourage the human resources profession.A key focus of this committee is to share with college students the fact that there is a place in HR for everyone, regardless of your major and to bridge the transition from college student to young professional.

The volunteer activities of these committees within the SHRM Educational Foundation have done much to strengthen the name of the SHRM organization, to educate and share resource information with other human resource professionals and to provide support to the students who are the future of our businesses. For the volunteers, one of the most rewarding aspects is often the opportunity to form new friendships with other HR professionals.

We hope that you are or will become a SHRM Hawaii member and that you will contact us to participate in one of the committees listed above. If you would like more information on joining SHRM or are interested in joining one of the Oahu District committees send an email to [email protected] 


Kauai District

Welcome to the Kauai District.  Located on the Garden Island, the northernmost island in the Hawaiian chain, Kaua'i members are privileged to enjoy an overabundance of blue sky and white sand. Truly a paradise - and we invite you to visit us.

Our membership consists of professionals throughout the island of Kauai and includes representation from a wide array of industries and service groups.  Members from both small and large organizations join our group and provide representation in healthcare, tourism, trade/retail, utility services, military, education, agriculture, and real estate as well as a diverse segment of non-profit organizations. It is this effective mix of members and organizations that maintains the dynamics of our foundation and supports its influence within our island community.

Committee leaders supply the nuts and bolts of administering the needs of our membership. Their contribution and commitment ensures a continual flow of useful information to Kauai HR professionals and promotes effective networking opportunities.

Focus areas of our committees include:

  • Communication and Public Relations

  • Education (College Relations and School-to-Work)

  • Professional Certification and Recertification

  • Legislative Support: Information and Updates

  • Membership

  • Programs

If you are interested in more information or would like to join the Kauai Educational Foundation, email us at [email protected]


There are five very straightforward goals we have set out to achieve:

  • Increase awareness of our organization and its contribution within the community.

  • Promote educational activities in and for the profession.

  • Support our School-to-Work and College Relations efforts and initiatives.

  • Provide information access and resources - for issues, strategies, and best practices in the employment arena.

  • Assist our members in their professional development.

  • Though simplified, these initiatives define the purpose of our organization and provide the incentives we need to expand our influence and strengthen our professional careers.

Our organizational activities include:

Educational Programs: The Kauai District has six educational programs throughout the year. All of the programs are related to educational development and enhancement of skills for the selected career field of Human Resources management.  The programs consist of featured guest speakers on various human resources topics, including application and compliance of labor laws affecting the workforce.

School-to-Work/College Relations: The Kauai District provides the services of professionals in the field of human resources to become guest speakers at public and private high schools on the island of Kauai. The purpose of the School-to-Work/College Relations Program is to educate students and school counselors about the various career fields, advocate and coordinate programs that address workforce readiness initiatives, and promote HR as a profession to college students.